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First Use & Instructions

Before using Sensica sensiLight Mini for the first time, and for best results, please ensure you read the Owner’s Manual enclosed with the product or alternatively you can download it here.

We've also included a handy un-boxing video within this page to walk you though set-up and first use.

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Should you require any additional customer service, support or have any queries, please contact us through the footer link below or direct at:


We have found that many of our customers have similar queries or questions when reviewing our products, so we've collated a helpful list of frequently asked questions below.

Your Questions Answered

  • General Information

    What models are available in the sensiLight™ Mini range?

    There are 2 models in the sensiLight™ Mini range. sensiLight™ Mini 50 can produce up to 50,000 flashes and sensiLight™ Mini 100 can produce up to 100,000 flashes, which means you’ll never have to worry about refill cartridges.

    What operational modes does sensiLight™ Mini come with?

    sensiLight™ Mini comes with two operational modes: automatic flashing mode for continuous treatment of larger areas of your body, such as lower legs, or trigger mode for focused treatment of smaller and hard-to reach areas like underarms, face and bikini line.

    What is included with my Sensica sensiLight

    • The sensiLight™ Mini device
    • A high capacity lamp providing up to 50,000 or 100,000 flashes depending on model you purchase
    • Power supply
    • User manual

    Is sensiLight™ Mini suitable for men?

    Yes, sensiLight™ Mini is suitable for men. However male body hair, especially coarse chest hair requires more sessions for effective results.

    What are the product specifications?

    • Time Between Flashes: 0.8-2 seconds
    • Cord Type: Corded
    • Voltage: 110/240 VAC
    • Warranty: 2 Year Limited Warranty
    • Lamp Size: 3 cm²
    • Lamp Capacity: Up to 50,000 flashes or 10,000 flashes
    • Energy Levels: 3 levels; up to 5 J/cm²
    • Skin Contact Sensors: Yes
    • Skin Tone Sensor: Yes
    • Technology: Reactive Pulsed Light (RPL™)

    How long before I see results?

    • Based on the recommended treatment regime, you should expect to see some improvement in 3-4 weeks (1-2 treatments)

    • Hair will continue to grow up to 2 weeks after a hair reduction session – thereafter the hairs will naturally and gradually fall out depending on the hair growth stage

    • The number of sessions required for achieving long term results is different for every treatment area and changes for every user, as it is affected by type of skin, hair and hormonal changes.

    • Maintenance will be needed from time to time if growth is still visible.

    What is the hair growth cycle and how is relevant to permanent hair reduction?

    Hair growth cycle involves three phases: Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. Anagen is the growth phase, while Catagen and Telogen are the resting phases. Permanent hair reduction can only occur during the Anagen phase.

    Hair will continue to grow, up to two weeks after a hair reduction session. However, afterwards, as the hair grows in three different stages, it will naturally and gradually fall out depending on the hair growth stage in during which the treatment was performed.

    Some hair may not be affected by sensiLight™ Mini due to the different hair growth phases. Only hairs in the active growth phase will be affected. To remove this hair, multiple treatment sessions are required to achieve the desired results.

    When should sensiLight not be used?

    Do not use sensiLightif you are:

    • Pregnant
    • Nursing
    • suffering epilepsy
    • being treated for cancer
    • taking photo-sensitive drugs
    • useing active implants such as a pacemaker, insulin pumps, or similar devices since it may cause interference

    Avoid the following:

    • Do not use on naturally dark skin (refer Fitzpatrick level guide)
    • Do not use if you have dark brown or black spots such as freckles, birth marks, around the nipples, moles or blisters in the area to be treated
    • Do no use if you have piercing or any metal items such as earrings or jewellery on the are to be treated as it many cause burns
    • Do not use if you have tattoos or permanent makeup on the area to be treated

    Why is RPL™ technology more advanced?

    Older technology such as IPL requires numerous pulses of light as well as regular pausing while treating a specific area, which means hair removal takes longer, is uncomfortable and doesn’t give you long lasting results. But thanks to RPL™’s unique sensors, skin continuously reacts…with every single pulse. So you’re sure to get a safer treatment and a more effective way to removed unwanted hair on your body.

    What areas of my body can I use sensiLighton?

    sensiLight™ Mini can be used on legs, arms, underarms, and back and chest for men. You can even use on even the most sensitive bikini line or the delicate skin of your face and neck.

    How long after treatment can I go into the sun?

    You can go into the sun immediately after. However, one should avoid tanning/ uncontrolled sun exposure for 2 weeks after the device usage (and 4 weeks before). Use of sunscreen is required prior to any sun exposure.

    Is it safe to use?
    Sensilight devices have been extensively tested against all related safety standards, including eye safety. In addition, there is substantial clinical data and experience with such devices for over 20 years, with no safety issues.

    What is the Skin Colour Sensor and other safety features?

    sensiLight™ Mini devices have the most advanced double-safety mechanism  sensiLight™ Mini has a built-in Skin Colour Sensor that’s designed to evaluate skin tone allowing it to perform only on suitable skin tones. This unique safety feature will stop treatment if your skin is too dark or too tanned. In addition, sensiLight™ Mini is equipped with a proximity sensor which ensures the light pulses can only be emitted when the device is in contact with skin. This eliminates the possibility of an accidental flash of light directed toward your eyes.

    Moreover, the device is tested for eye safety and no glasses are required. However, the bright flash may be uncomfortable. To reduce any discomfort to the eyes during treatment it is recommended to conduct the session in a well illuminated room, as this will reduce the difference felt by the eye between the ambient light and the flash.

    Caution: Do not attempt to activate the device directly on the eyes. If flashes are unintentionally delivered in front of the eyes, the temporary dazzle will disappear after a couple of hours.

    Can I use the device if I have freckles?  

    One should avoid usage directly over freckles. If you have just few freckles you should "work around" the freckles. If you have a high concentration/density of freckles, do not use sensiLight, since this is considered to hyper pigmentation and a high density of melanin.

    Can I return if I change my mind?

    Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you're not 100% satisfied with the results within our money back guarantee period -simply contact our Customer Service Department for a Return Merchandise Authorization number. Then return it, including any accessories, in its original condition and packaging, and receive a full refund of the product purchase price. 

  • Operational Guide

    Please refer to your manual for a full instruction guide on how to set up, prepare and use your Sensica device. 

  • Care Guidance

    Make sure to turn off and unplug unit before cleaning.

    • It is recommended to clean the treatment window after every session by using a dry, clean cloth to gently wipe the device.
    • Keep sensiLight™ dry. Never place, store or use sensiLight™ near bathtubs, showers, basins or other vessels containing water as this may cause severe electrocution.
    • If you do not plan on using your sensiLight™ for a long period of time, it is recommended to keep it clean and stored.
    • If you plan to travel and take your sensiLight™ with you, you should store it in the original box and follow the storage instructions.

  • Troubleshooting

    If you experience any problems with sensiLight™, please refer to below information to try to resolve it.

    If sensiLight™ does not turn on:

    • Make sure that the power supply is plugged properly into sensiLight™ device and the electrical outlet.
    • Make sure that the power outlet has power.

    If sensiLight™ does not trigger a pulse:

    • Verify there is full contact with the skin. The trigger button will activate a flash pulse only when the device is in full contact with the skin.
    • Verify that the area you are trying to treat is not too small, curved or bony to treat. You should get the whole treatment window to touch the treatment area (try to pull the skin flat).
    • If the skin color level identified by sensiLight™ is too dark, the flash activation will be blocked.
    • In case of safety issue or when the lamp has reached its end, a steady red light will come on. The device will shut down.

    General error:

    • In case of dirt or debris is stuck on the treatment window, you should clean the treatment window according to the cleaning section. If you can’t get the area clean, contact our customer service.
    • In case of delay in pulse readiness, you should consider working on cooler
      environment. The device may pulse at a slower rate in a warm environment.
    • In case of a general error, reset the device – unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet on the wall, wait 10 sec and then reconnect it.
    • If you still have problems with your device, please contact our customer service.
  • Warranty

    Sensica sensiLight Mini 50 is covered by a 2 year product warranty.

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